We're going to give you My Sous Vide at a discount!

First I'd like to answer why we're doing this -- why we're giving such a steep discount in the first place. Our Sous Vide Immersion Cooker is a new product of ours and we really want to build a relationship with early customers to get feedback in order to make sure that the product we've built is the very best. 

The only thing I ask from you is that after you've tried out the product you follow up with me via email to let me know your thought's on the product and give me your honest feedback, after all, we're promising that My Sous Vide can heat up to .01 degree of accuracy. This is a big selling point and we want to get feedback from you that we've nailed this. 

So here's the steps:

1. Send an email to telling us that you want the coupon code. Also tell us your favorite Kitchen product that's found in your kitchen.

2. Our team member will personally send an email to greet you and give you the coupon code.

3. Click here to claim the My Sous Vide Immersion Cooker at Amazon. At checkout enter in the coupon code and click APPLY.

That's it! Your total order will be $19. Plus you'll get FREE shipping with Amazon Prime!

Oh and of course step 4: we'll email you a few days later to make sure you received the product okay and to hear your thoughts about the product.