Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

2g - vanilla bean seed, about 2
medium pods
500g - milk
210g - egg yolk, about 12
200g - sugar
500g - heavy cream
- ice water, for chilling, as needed
my sous-vide cooker
large pot
vacuum sealable bag
(or zipper lock bag)
immersion blender
fine-mesh sieve
about 3.5 hours 1400g (roughly 1.4L)



Heat My Sous-Vide to 185°F/85°C

Scrape out vanilla bean seeds
Using a small knife, split the vanilla beans lengthwise
Scrape out insides with the back of the knife for roughly 1 gram of seeds
Keep scraped beans for further steps

Blend ingredients
Blend milk, egg yolk, sugar, and vanilla bean seeds
Add cream last and blend, avoid whipping the cream

Bag and seal
Place scraped vanilla beans into the bag, pour mixture in, and seal

Cook for 60 minutes
Agitate the bag at least 2 times to ensure even cooking
Remove the bag from the pot and place into the ice water bath until cold
For best results, chill overnight in a refrigerator

Remove scraped vanilla beans and churn the chilled mixture until desired texture is

Serve with toppings as desired