2 - salmon filets, skin on
- salt, as needed
- sugar, optional, as needed
- olive oil, as needed
- black pepper, as needed

my sous-vide cooker
large pot
vacuum sealable bag
(or zipper lock bag)
about 40 minutes 2 servings



Heat My Sous-Vide to 122°F/50°C

Score the salmon (optional)
Lay filets skin-side up
Using a sharp knife, cut several parallel slits through the skin, stopping at the flesh

Dry-cure (optional)
Sprinkle salt and sugar over all filets
Let filets sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water

Season and bag
Add a generous amount of olive oil to your bag
Place filets into the bug, add salt, pepper, and any other spices

Cook for 40 minutes
Lower bag into the water
Clip bag onto side of pot

Heat a pan over medium-high heat until very hot
Add olive oil to the pan
Place filets with skin side down onto the pan
Brown for about 30 seconds and slide out of the pan