Banana Cream Pie

120g - egg yolks, about 8
15g - cornstarch
75g - sugar (used in 2 steps)
400g - whole milk
160g - light cream (30%)
5g - salt
5g - banana extract
- vanilla wafer streusel, for topping, as needed
- bananas, for topping, as needed
- whipped cream, for topping,
as needed
mixing bowl

about 9 hours 5 servings



Heat My Sous-Vide to 176°F/80°C

Separate egg yolks and whites
Crack eggs and separate 8 egg yolks from the whites, keep
the 8 yolks

Combine cornstarch and sugar
Whisk cornstarch and 0.88 oz of sugar together until lumps
are removed

Make the milk mixture
Combine milk, cream, and the cornstarch-sugar mixture in a
Heat on medium until the mixture comes to a light boil –
about 5 minutes
Stir mixture frequently to prevent burning and until mixture
thickens slightly

Whisk egg yolks
Add egg yolks, salt, and remaining sugar into a bowl
Whisk until smooth

Temper milk mixture
Slowly pour a small amount of hot milk mixture into the
whisked egg yolks, whisk until combined
Slowly pour the rest of the hot milk mixture into the bowl,
whisk continuously during pouring
Stir in banana extract

Rest and skim
Strain mixture through a fine-mesh sieve into a new bowl
Let rest for 30 minutes and skim bubbles left on surface

Fill jars and seal
Fill jars with the strained mixture to 0.5 in from the top of the
Tap jars on a table to remove bubbles before placing lids on
Seal jars finger tight – do not overtighten as they may crack

Cook for 1 hour
Place filled jars into your pot and cook for 60 minutes

Remove jars from your pot and cool at room temperature for
30 minutes
After 30 minutes place the jars into the refrigerator overnight

Serve with toppings as desired