Links And Sausages


1 - sweet onion, large
0 - cooking oil, as needed
170g - light beer
170g - stock - chicken, beef, or vegetable
6 - sausages, whole

my sous-vide cooker
large pot
vacuum sealable bag
(or zipper lock bag)
about 1 hour 6 sausages



Heat My Sous-Vide to 176°F/80°C

Slice onion
Trim ends of onion and slice in half
Peel and remove outer skin of onion
Quarter onion and slice each quarter into half-moon strips

Caramelize onions
Heat a pan over medium-high heat
Add cooking oil and onions when pan begins to smoke,
spread onions in a single layer
Stir onions when they begin to brown until caramelized

Remove caramelized onions from heat and place into a
large bowl
Add beer and stock to the bowl and mix

Bag and seal
Place sausages along with onions, broth, and beer into a
bag and seal

Cook for 20 minutes
Lower bag into the water
Clip bag onto side of pot

Finish - optional
Sear or grill sausages before serving