Chocolate Pot De Creme

110g - egg yolks, about 7
550g - ultra pasteurized heavy cream
175g - dark chocolate
115g - granulated sugar
4g - salt
my sous-vide cooker
large pot
digital scale
digital thermometer
immersion blender
fine-mesh strainer
8 oz mason jar x5

about 2 hours 5 servings



Heat My Sous-Vide to 158°F/70°C

Separate egg yolks and whites
Crack eggs and separate 8 egg yolks from the whites, keep
the 8 yolks

Make chocolate cream
Heat cream in a pot over medium heat until it reaches
158°F/70°C and begins to boil – about 5 minutes
Add chocolate pieces and allow to melt
Once melted use an immersion blender to mix until smooth

Add sugar, salt, and egg yolks
Remove the pot from heat and add sugar, salt, and egg
Blend together until smooth

Pour mixture through a fine-mesh strainer into a new bowl
Let rest for 30 minutes and skim the surface for bubbles

Fill jars and seal
Fill jars with the strained mixture to 0.5 in from the top of
the jar
Tap jars on a table to remove bubbles before placing lids
on top
Seal jars finger tight – do not overtighten as they may

Cook for 1 hour
Place filled jars into your pot and cook for 60 minutes
Remove jars from your pot and cool at room temperature
for 30 minutes
After 30 minutes place the jars into the refrigerator overnight

Serve with toppings as desired